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This is a Community for CONSERVATIVE Pro-Lifers
If you are a Liberal pro-lifer you proably won't fit in here
This community was created because the other Pro-life communities are very Liberal at best
Liberals Beware. we are Conservatives Here.

Welcome to Pro-Life Conservatives. This is THE Community if you are pro-life and a conservative. If you are a libreal, you can go elsewhere. We don't want you here and will ban you if we discover you. As we said just before, this is for conservatives alone.

We make no judgement difference between being pro-choice and pro-abortion. Abortion Is Murder. To support abortion in any way shape or form or for any reason in any manner is to support murder. So to us there is no difference between being pro-choice and pro-abortion. Both still mean pro-murder.

Abortion is wrong in all cases. It is wrong to kill an innocent child no matter how it came to be. To kill a child because of the fathers transgression is wrong. To kill the child who is a product of rape, incest, or any other reason is wrong becaus ethat is a living child whom you are killing. It had no choice in how it came to be and it is wrong to do such to that poor child.

We know abortion one of the greatest evils to ever be accepted by the children of Myet...an. The willful slaughter of our young must be stopped. And we have dedictaed ourselves to railing and fighting against it till our dying breath.

This is who we are. We are the Pro Life Conservatives.
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